Join the journey

We think most people like to travel. With our unique concept, you can taste dishes from all over the world and feel like you are traveling with different smells, tastes and experiences.With a concept in constant development, the journey will never end.

Many people throw away too much food... not us !

What does it matter with a good end result if the food is not eaten up due to changed plans in everyday life or lack of time to make it ?
We at The Box are passionate about creating good flavors, playing in the kitchen with different combinations and creating a good end result. When the dinner or dessert is ready, we pack it down and freeze it. Then we sustainable food, do not have to add additives and you do not have to throw away the food because you take it out when you eat.

Made with love...

We handle all our products with little extra coziness. We leave many of our proteins in our own marinades for 48 hours. We have a long cook of 4-5 hours and we have things that are baked in the oven for 24 hours.
We put in the time when cooking, so we hope you take extra time when you eat.