What do I do if I’m not home on delivery?

If you are not at home, we leave the food outside your house or apartment door and send you an SMS. The responsibility for the delivery then passes to you (we send both email and SMS before the delivery as a reminder that we are coming to you).
If you live in an apartment and our driver does not enter the property, we must not leave the food on the street but must take the food back with us and discard it.
We do not refund the money in case of failed delivery except when we caused the error.
Therefore, it is extra important that you have your phone available in connection with delivery if you know that it can be a problem to enter the property, or if you have recently changed code or similar. Because the food is frozen, it lasts for a number of hours, but you should try to hurry home to put the food in the freezer as quickly as possible.
In case of late cancellation (after Wednesday at 12.00 the same week as your delivery takes place) we will refund 50% of the order value to you.

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