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About Us

What is The Box

Join the journey ...

With our unique concept you can taste dishes from all over the world and feel like you are traveling.
With a concept in constant development, the journey will never end.

Food waste ... not us!

With our freezing concept there´s no additives.

Made with love ...

Slow cooked proteins. Spices and flavors from all over the world.

We put in the time when cooking, so we hope you take extra time when you eat.

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The Box - luxury fast food for busy people who love food

A box with delicious dishes ready for you and your company

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Client Review


“Super good everyday dinner that is quick and easy.
Fun concept with a lot of good flavors from different countries.”


“The concept The Box is a “life saver” on days we work overtime and come home from work.
Restaurant food, easy to prepare and it taste fantastic.
Our favorite is the Bacalao.”


“As a food enthusiast, it takes a lot to impress me. Especially when it comes to food that is frozen. I am very interested in quality ingredients, and have grown up with one of Norway’s most renowned chefs. Good tastes and quality food are incredibly important for me and I must be honest to admit that expectations were high, given the founder’s past merits.
But that The Box should deliver sooo good, I did not think.
The food tastes incredibly good and you really feel the difference between the delicious flavors from the good ingredients The Box uses.
In addition, as a multi-entrepreneur, I do not have time to cook much, as simple everyday food as
this fits my lifestyle in the middle of nowhere. My personal favorite is Carnita’s casserole and the Cheesecake 👌
Gets hungry just thinking about it !! Just try it out. You will not regret !”

Mvh Sandra Romano

Beauty Medical AS


Very exciting concept with fantastic flavors and good portion sizes. Butter chicken is a favorite !”


“I invested in The Box for the whole family when we run a business
and has a busy everyday life.
The box covers all my needs in terms of quality, taste and nutritional content is excellent.
The food tastes insanely good.
It is noticeable that there is quality in all stages.
Thank you very much for simpler and better everyday life.
Highly recommended. “


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